Russian Roulette Rules: How To Play The Game

Russian Roulette Rules: How To Play The Game

A game of thrill and chill. Russian Roulette has been around the block for over hundred years. Now you do not have to visit a casino in person to play your favourite came, just visit the online casinos that offer this game. Russian roulette is all about probability. Brilliant players have come and gone trying to decode winning strategies for this game. Although the pure dependence on probability eliminates the chances of developing a solid, profitable winning strategy, understanding the nitty gritties of the game provides you with a lot of benefits. Tips and tricks for Russian roulette you can find here:

The Martingale Strategy

Also known as the Hawk strategy, this is the best possible way to increase your chances of beating this game to a maximum. This is a highly popular and successful strategy among the roulette veterans online. The basic principle is the simplest one, double your wager every time a gamer loses. You either place your bet on the red or the black and you double your bet every time you lose till your colour comes up.

How To Play The Russian Roulette

Always begin with the least possible bet that the online casino permits. Bet on either black or red. Suppose you select black and you lose your wager because black comes up, your initial bet gets doubled. So keep doubling your wager till red shows up and once it does begin again with another colour. However we should not forget about Green, green is treated as a zero value and a losing bet. So you get to keep doubling your bet till your colour shows up. Try your own skills in the free version of Russian roulette here:

Other Risks

Since this is a game of probabilistic statistics there is nothing sure shot about this game. However if you can use the strategy correctly all the chances keep piling up in your favour, that is, your probabilities of making a win actually keep increasing steadily till your colour actually shows up. The hawk’s strategy or the Martingale strategy is not infallible, there are several risks associated with it even when practiced in the correct manner. One of the foremost risks is that the player may reach a limit beyond which he cannot double his bets, this makes the strategy unsuccessful beyond that point. This strategy can only be completely successful if the player has an unlimited bankroll. The complete guide on bankroll management strategy you can find here:

The Patient Player Strategy

As the name spells out, to win according to this strategy you will have to be extremely patient. On any American roulette system, every even money bet has a probability of 47.3% of coming up during a spin, which also means that your chances of losing are marginally a little higher (52.3%). However if you keep repeating your bet at least 4 times, the probability of losing becomes way lesser (7.7%). This means while playing, if the game has the same outcome 4 times a row, you will need to change your bet. Which will increase your chances of winning astronomically (96%).

Other Working Strategies

Besides the hawk or the Martingale strategy there are several other working strategies when it comes to playing Russian roulette online for money. There are several other systems or strategies that will help you to maximize your chances of winning the game. This include the Shower strategy, the Labouchere strategy, the Fibonacci system, Oscar’s grind system, D’Alembert system and many more. The success rate of these various strategies differ from player to player. The success of any system of strategy is mainly dependent on the playing style of an individual gambler. But the ultimate truth is that roulette is a game of chances and there is NO strategy that is 100 % safe or 100 % successful. Always test the different strategies before settling on one that is most suited for you. So go ahead, experiment a little in the free versions of the game. Find out the strategy that you think works best for you and then start playing for real money. Once you zero on the strategy that works for you, you will make some easy money on the online casinos that feature Russian Roulette.